4 Mar

Congratulations to NanoSAFE Graduate Fellows Valerie Minarchick and Reem ElDawud for winning awards at the E.J. Van Liere Memorial Convocation & HSC Research Day poster session!

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Graduate Fellow Valerie Minarchick is currently in her fourth year as a doctoral candidate in Cellular and Integrative Physiology.
Poster title: Nano-Cerium Dioxide Exposure: Free Radical Generation and Arteriolar Dysfunction
Authors: Valerie Minarchick, Tim Nurkiewicz
Poster award: 2nd place for Basic Sciences 2009-2 category

Reem El Dawud

Graduate Fellow Reem ElDawud is currently in her second year as a graduate student in Chemical Engineering.
Poster title: Electronic platform to quantify the anticancer mechanism of cardiac glycoside and synthetic analog
Authors: Reem Eldawud, Yon Rojanasakul, Cerasela Zoica Dinu
Poster award: 1st place for Basic Sciences 2011 category

Andrea Armstead

2010-2012 Fellow Andrea Armstead also won 2nd place for the Basic Sciences 2009-1 category.
Poster title: Hard Metal (WC-Co) Nanoparticles Induce Cellular Toxicity and Apoptosis in a Dose-Dependent Manner
Authors: Andrea Armstead, Bingyun Li
Poster award: 2nd place for Basic Sciences 2009-1 category